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*Please note that we do not rent homes. We provide a lot and all services for a home that you own.

Our newest home is now "move in" ready. It is available for showing right now!
We have partnered with a local realtor to help make the process seamless: Lauralee McElroy. She can be reached at 630-669-8806 or click on the tab to your left. Financing is available. Please talk to Lauralee or Derek for information.
 Please see the photos of the actual home just to the left.  In addition we have ordered another new home which is being delivered late August. A new home can be ordered any time though. If you would like to consider a new home please talk to us as we can offer substantial discounts as a dealer. Please keep in mind that prices are likely to continue go up this coming year. You can always call and see if there is a used home available within the park. 

   Here is a link to the Skyline-Arlington                                Brochure:
We are pleased to be working with a new home manufacturer in Wisconsin - Skyline Homes. This will provide you with the finest quality at the best price.
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